I was immediately struck by his intelligence, musical maturity, deep insight into music and high quality of interpretation. He has a thorough knowledge of the principals of violin playing and is able to communicate to his listeners the character and specific style of the music. I find Francesco one of the most interesting and stimulating students I have had, and have great admiration for his qualities.
Yfrah Neaman

Francesco Parrino is passionate, intelligent and with great intellectual curiosity about music. His playing is very musical and elegant.He has a great sense of style and very good musical taste.
Maurice Hasson

Francesco is a very good violinist.
Victor Liberman

Parrino sostiene il ruolo di solista con una cantabilità innata, dalla quale peraltro non si disgiunge il possesso tecnico sciorinato con semplicità e sicurezza.
La Provincia, Como

Francesco, brillante promessa dell’arte violinistica italiana...
Alirio Diaz